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Company Miskomerc d.o.o has many years of experience in the production of wooden objects, as well as engraving different kinds of wood from which most often used are following:  

  • oak
  • ash
  • walnut
  • beech
  • linden

It is possible to use other kinds of wood and everything depends on customer requirements. Wood has to satisfy certain conditions in order to be appropriate for engraving such as humidity and quality. 

Maximal object dimensions are 1200mm x 700mm. It is possible to have bigger objects engraved but then you would have to assemble them into one piece. Example for this case is the port of a church or monastery.

Some of the problems we could help you to resolve are:

  • All kind of wood engraving for different purposes:
    • Pieces of the furniture and furniture decorations 
    • Pieces of the interiors
    • Mirror and painting frames...
    • Icons and portraits 
    • Pendants
    • Company logos
    • Different kind of stands
    • ...
  • You need a conceptual design and manufacturing of your product from wood
  • You have already been preliminary design of wooden objects and you need preparation for production
  • You have wooden object you would like to multiply

All items in our preparation can be decorated with gilt (gold print) and be painted in different colors. The dimensions of the object can vary in such a way that the same object can be made in different sizes as needed.